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"The duo’s perspectives in the sci-fi genre add nuance to Latino filmmaking."

"Unique work of fiction"

"This film is a gem. I audibly laughed during several scenes."

"When the proverbial smoke clears, it manages to balance incisive commentary and humor, all the while stubbornly raising its middle finger to automation."

"This film couldn’t be more timely with the looming fear of an AI takeover and Right-wing immigrant fearmongering against immigrants...a must-see!"

"It’s inspirational with a tinge of just the right kind of humor to propel a fun film and strong message at once."

"It is an entertaining but pointed short that everyone can take something from."


"The Ballad of Tita and the Machines is Miguel Angel Caballero’s venture in sci-fi."

"offered viewers a hard look at what AI is, or could, become."

"Caballero clearly meant this piece to be a motivational rallying point about the tenacity and superiority of the human spirit."

"A visually stunning experience. One that transports audiences into the heart of Tita’s story."

"some genuinely hilarious instances that infuse the narrative with a definitive degree of satiric bite"

"filled with longing, nostalgia, courage, and homage to agricultural workers"

"By incorporating humor, the film addresses the dehumanizing nature of AI while emphasizing the importance of supporting the work of living people."

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